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This site, was basically aimed
at promoting Kensaku Horiuchi's skills and talents
to the world, to all and sundry,
to all producers in this business.

But we always get asked from personal listeners
to buy High-Definition tracks for personal listening.

Therefore, its answer comes. The answer is "Digimusic-Buy'.

If you find a gray button like below, you can purchase / download
a High-Definition(320kbps mp3) / Full Length Edition for personal use.

-Let us show you an example of buying "2001".

By clicking a gray "Buy" button for "2001", a new window like below will appears.
On that window, you can purchase our music online safely.

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Click "I want this!" button. And...

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1. Enter your mail address correctly because important dowload link will send to this address.
2. Enter your credit card number.
3. Enter your CVC, the 3-digit number located on the back of your card, usually at the top of the signature strip.
4. Enter your card expiry date. If your card will expire on January 2015, just type 01-15.
5. Click Pay.
6. You will receive download link mail to the address you have typed in process 1 soon.
7. Of course you can cancel order to click a rounding "X" button on the upper right corner on that page.

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So let's practice:)

Of course we,
NEVER retrieve or store your credit card number.
These purchasing processes entirely empowered by:

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