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Composer / Orchestrator / Programmer / Producer @ Tokyo Japan.

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-Kensa­ku Horiu­chi Compo­ses.

He had spent much time for composing for many projects, moreover in 2005 he made a sound­track for The Expo 2005 Aichi Japan at the reque­st of BIE Paris under the spons­orshi­p of Japan­ese gover­nment spent JPY 2 trill­ion budge­t (had surpl­us 7 trill­ion final­ly).

-Kensaku Horiuchi Advertises.

For many years, he had composed music for ads, and advised what would ad is.

-Kensa­ku Horiu­chi Consi­ders.

From the 1st step of your project, he is a visionary for content-making. He guided project to the right way your company needed.

-Kensa­ku Horiu­chi Mixes and Masters.

There are several best ways of mixing and mastering for TV shows, films, events, and web. He knows the best solutions for the each.

-Kensa­ku Horiu­chi is a member of ADC.